new year

In 2013:

I went to Hobart with Nathan, drank the best ginger beer of my life and saw St Vincent and David Byrne on stage.
I did well and not-so-well at uni – I got one of the highest marks I’ve ever received, as well as the lowest. This has been a learning experience for me, and it made me realize that the world isn’t going to implode if I don’t get perfect marks.
Nathan changed jobs and actually gets to spend some time at home now.
I’m gradually starting to get the hang of this ‘cleaning the house’ thing.
I visited Boston, Washington DC and NYC.
I had a fairly complex eye surgery, looked like a zombie for a couple of months, but managed to come out the other side with a perfect result.

In 2014:

I want to cast off self-doubt and uncertainty and start writing for publication again. There is so much intimidation in reading poetry or stories by talented people. Suddenly, everything I’ve ever come up with looks so gauche in comparison; anything of mine that is ‘good’ is just a sad imitation of other peoples’ magnificence. There’s no easy way to deal with this, other than just to remind myself constantly: get over it.

I want to teach Posie how to do some tricks. She’s so smart.

I want to go somewhere with Nathan. For a number of reasons, this doesn’t seem to be the year for a grand adventure, but I’ll settle for a little one.

… however, if a big adventure presented itself, that would be amazing too. I’m not sure about my chances, but I am keeping fingers (and toes) crossed that there might be another study tour to apply for this year. America was so amazing, and although the schedule was full on, I had an opportunity to learn so much more about my destinations than I ever would have as just a tourist.

I want to plant more roses in my garden.

I’m going to stop letting people get to me. I wish it was as easy as just cutting all toxic people out of my life and never seeing them again, but things don’t always work out like that. If they have to exist in the same space as me, I’m not going to let them bring me down anymore.

Most of all, I want this year to be an improvement on last year: not that last year wasn’t amazing, but I want every year to be better than the last. Onward and upward!

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