Mussels and Genius

I just realized – I forgot to talk about the mussel festival! It was great, it always is. It’s quickly becoming a family tradition. Dad drove down to Portarlington to fetch four boxes of mussels, then brought them back to Mum’s house, where we were visited by two aunts, an uncle and my two most adorable cousins. This year we tried to keep things a bit simpler and stuck to only three courses of mussels. We made: cold steamed mussels with green mango salsa, mussels in a lime coconut chili broth, and mussels au naturel cooked over a fire. Oh, and watermelon and goat’s cheese salad, and trifle for dessert. So really, we didn’t keep things simple at all!


So good, but as usual, I ate so much that I could barely move. When we finally got home at around midnight, I practically rolled into the house like a slug, and all I could do was lay on the couch, cradling my stomach and feeling sorry for myself for a while. So worth it though. After eating such a prodigious amount of mussels on that weekend, I am surprised that I had any appetite left for them when we went to Hobart, but I did.

Unrelated: I have to tell a story about what a genius my dog is. Posie and I will often play hide and seek – I will show her a particular toy, then shut her in a room for a minute while I hide it somewhere. I will pretend to search for it in lots of different places until she figures it out, then I congratulate her and she’s ready for another round. Anyway, the other night she was playing with a squeaker that she had liberated from one of her stuffed toys; just tossing it around and pouncing on it and stuff. I didn’t take much notice. Then I was in the bedroom and she came running up to me, barking and pointing with her nose in the direction of the lounge room. I followed her from place to place as she barked and pointed, trying to get me to search – under the piano, under the couch, behind the cushions, behind the dining table, et cetera. Finally, she pointed to a big pile of toys in the center of the room, wagging her tail like mad. I moved the toys and, buried at the bottom of the pile, was her little squeaker. She barked and ran in little circles, jumping up and licking my ankles – she was so happy that I had found it, and that she had figured out that hide and seek can go both ways.

I am still unbelievably impressed.


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