Something is Wrong on the Internet + Rupert’s Hospital Adventure

As you might have noticed, I have a weird little secondary sidebar menu that has popped up on my site out of nowhere after my last update. It’s annoying and I can’t figure out how on earth to get rid of it. Never mind that though – I’m planning a bit of a revamp around here sometime in the next month or so, so expect much bigger changes!

Apart from that, we’ve had some mixed news this week. Rupert had surgery on Monday to remove a tumour from the inside of his eyelid. It was originally slated to be a major ordeal – they were going to cut an upside-down house shaped wedge out of his lower eyelid and stitch the sides back together. But once they examined him, they realized they could just freeze it off. He came home and was completely normal within 24 hours, seriously acting like nothing had ever happened. We had been told to expect swelling, but there has been nothing. It’s as though he never even went to hospital.

Anyway, the complicated part of all this is that we got a call last night to let us know that the tumour was in fact cancerous. We were not expecting this at all. But there is a silver lining in all of this. It was definitely cancer, but the type is not a cancer that can spread or create secondaries in any of his other systems or organs. And there is only a tiny chance that it will ever come back; and if it does, it will be in exactly the same spot and will just need to be frozen off again. Which is extremely good news.

But then there is the guilt factor. We originally found out about this tumour in November. The vets assured us that it was extremely unlikely to be cancerous. It was too close to our Japan trip and we didn’t want to put the responsibility of his surgery recovery time onto my family, so we decided with the vets that it would be fine to wait until we got back. Then there was back and forth about whether we should opt for the invasive surgery that the vet could provide, or whether to take him to the specialist vet opthamologist. We eventually picked the specialist and had to wait another two weeks for an appointment. I just feel so terrible that our little boy had cancer this whole time and we let him wait nearly two months for treatment while we went on a freaking holiday. Worst owners ever. I realize that we didn’t know and we made the best choice we could based on the information we had at the time, but I still feel terrible about what our actions and choices boiled down to.

But if I can take any solace from this, at least he’s well now. He’s currently asleep on top of a pile of clean laundry, snoring quietly. Later, I’m sure somebody will give him a bit of lamb chop (it is Australia Day, after all). He is completely back to normal and I’m so glad that he’s alright. I know this is just part of having a senior dog and that we have to prepare ourselves¬†for all the other little (or big) things that are going to pop up in the future. But for now, he’s alright – he’s happy, so I’m happy.

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