Little Bits: Knit, Bark, Break, Swim

Photo from B*witched concert. Just before some girl spilled her entire bourbon and coke down the back of my dress, all over my legs and in my shoes. And then draped herself all over me saying, “I’m sooooo sorry baaaabe”. Not impressed.

  • I desperately need a haircut. Like.. I haven’t touched my hair since October. My fringe (unless I hairspray it like crazy) is like sad little curtains hanging down by the sides of my face, like pigtails on a dog. The situation is dire.
  • Posie will not stop barking. It’s absolutely incessant. It seems like everybody in our street is having deliveries or renovations done – she doesn’t like the squeaks and beeps of trucks and vans. I feel sorry for our neighbours that have to listen to her constant barking, as well as me yelling at her to stop barking all day. I feel so bad having to get angry at her all the time especially when, in her mind, she’s just being an exemplary guard dog.
  • I’m knitting again, finally. The emerald cotton Debbie Bliss moss stitch cardigan that I started last year has disappeared off the face of the earth, so I’m trying something a little simpler, a little quicker (so I can get it finished before I lose this as well). A cherry red pixie pointed baby bonnet. It’s extremely cute, and I’m such a slow knitter that if I want my future children to have anything finished by the time they arrive, I need to be knitting now!
  • I really don’t think that Adele needed to ‘share’ her Grammy with Beyoncé. I hate that she felt that she needed to or that she should. She had every right to be fully proud of herself and herself only without deferring to a ridiculous cult of personality that is based around a whole lot of hype and a flimsy talent. Adele is the real deal, she deserved all of that award.
  • Our wedding plans have changed drastically again. It was becoming apparent that we would have to choose between certain things, and we basically chose ourselves. Some people are going to think this is selfish, and I guess it is – but selfish doesn’t always mean bad. And on our wedding day, the only essential people are Nathan and I because we’re the ones getting married – everybody else is a non-essential bonus, their presence is a privilege for us and for them. If we are the most important people in this equation, why shouldn’t we choose what we want?
  • My brother Patrick has a broken leg from tripping over. I feel awful, and I’m sure that my parents do as well, because it’s been broken for over a week and he only just got medical attention for it. Which is mostly his own fault because he wouldn’t go to the doctor (he has an intellectual disability, so these things can be a huge challenge). But how awful to be laying in bed with a broken leg for a week, with only Panadol for the pain.
  • I went snorkelling last weekend with Dad. It was a little scary – sea grass and seaweed freaks me out a bit, after my Poppy told me a ‘fact’ about how seaweed was a creature that would wrap around your ankles and try to drown you, given the chance. But we saw some fish! Black and white stripy reef fish that flitted and hid from us.
  • Posie and Rupert now have their own instagram account, due to popular request. Now that they are Famous on the Internet™, I’ll have to get a bit creative about taking photos of them!

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