Getting My Wisdom Teeth Out As An Almost 30 Year Old

Wisdom teeth are outta here! I got them out last week (which feels like a million years ago by now) and it has simultaneously been better and worse than I expected. The actual surgery was a breeze. Nathan waited with me at the hospital until they took me away. I met the anaesthetist and told him that I had an extremely long recovery time from anaesthetic last time, so he said he’d go fairly light on things. Which ended up being a bit scary – he put the cannula in my hand in the waiting bay and I was out like a light, only to wake up for a few seconds in theatre. Luckily they hadn’t started yet, and as soon as it happened, I was out again.

When I woke up, I felt fine. I thought, why is everybody such a baby about wisdom teeth – this is a breeze! Nathan came to get me with a box of beautiful flowers, and I dribbled blood everywhere and said some hilarious things in a video interview that I cannot bring myself to post. I had a local anaesthetic after the general, so I could not feel anything from my eye level to my mid-neck.

When we finally got to come home, things started getting harder. I developed a lovely yellow bruise all over one side of my face. I ate my body weight in custard, fruche and apple puree in the first day. But the next day, the local wore off and the painkillers were making me extremely tired and sick. Every time it got within an hour of being due for those painkillers, I was not a happy camper. Nathan set me up in the lounge room with a mountain of pillows and blankets, and I slept there for maybe four nights, with my little guardian-nurse pups of course.

There was a breakthrough on the Saturday night, because it was Dad’s birthday and he was making a feast of white wine steamed giant prawns, Kylie Kwong’s fried rice, garlic spinach, pork belly and trifle. I was not going to sit there with my baby food and miss out on that – so I managed some of everything, very carefully! It was so nice to eat real food again.

Today, it’s a week and a half later. The pain in the incisions is completely gone, and the stitches are starting to come out, which is utterly revolting. The only bad result of the whole thing was that I still have some numbness in my chin, and I sort of always knew that there was going to be ongoing nerve pain in my face as my teeth spread out and rearrange themselves. It’s bad, and I’m not sure how long this will last, but hopefully it’s over soon.

So, good and bad. But for anybody who’s staring down the barrel at this kind of thing, do not be scared! My complications made it bad, but the whole thing was a lot easier than I had imagined. I’m still grateful I never have to do it again though!

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