We Got Married!

About time!

On Friday, the first day of September, the first day of Spring, and our ten year anniversary, Nathan and I finally got married. We ended up going to the registry office (which is gorgeous and not sterile or boring at all), followed by a banquet at our favourite restaurant with just a handful of our nearest and dearest – parents, siblings, grandparents, one best friend each and a couple of others. It was such a great day – both of us cannot stop smiling about how perfect it all was. Planning the day seriously did my head in, but it was so worth it. It’s so funny that almost everybody who has been through wedding planning has told us that it was too stressful and they wished they had just eloped… I guess we are rare then – people who are glad we didn’t end up eloping, because what we had was so wonderful.

Best of all, our darling dogs got to be there with us. It was a long and tiring day for them, and Rupert got a bit fed up when it started to get cold, but I was so glad they could be a part of everything. After all, as much as we were beginning a new chapter as husband and wife, we were also reaffirming the little family of four that we already had. I think both dogs are still tired from the whole thing.

I promise I will write about every single detail – soon. Let me bask in newlywed bliss for a little bit!

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