June – Taking Stock

I’m thinking that I’ve come to the end of this series – it’s pretty boring, and it’s especially boring when it’s basically the only type of post I do every month. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with this blog in the future, with some of the ways that I’m hoping my public life will transform in the next couple of years (with regards to writing). I think I will set a lot of this stuff to private and move towards something a bit less personal. Not completely sure yet. One of my idols does a newsletter, but I don’t know if that dynamic works for me. This blog – it’s like… it’s here, read it if you want, but a newsletter feels like “here, have this, read it, enjoy it”… and I’m not sure I’m interesting enough for that.

We’ll see!

Here is June, and here is the last one of these I’m going to do, inspired by Pip Lincolne‘s lists:

Making : big and little plans, mostly about writing
Cooking : absolutely nothing right now, but considering making some hamburgers with that new vegan mince that just came out
Drinking : water and a sneaky ribena here and there (it has vitamins, that’s my excuse)
Reading : the prospectus for the masterclass I’m going to take in April
Trawling : wikipedia for articles about everything from mackerel fishing to Viking expansion to the history of tartan to the origins of the Swan Lake story
Wanting : my ongoing leg pain issues to be solved by some dry needling next week, so I can exercise a bit more
Looking : pretty rough right now – I need a haircut, actually, I needed a haircut at least two months ago
Deciding : that I really want to go see Hereditary this week
Wishing : that my leg would be recovered enough to go skiing with my sisters next month
Enjoying : that Nathan and Mum collaborated last night for me to have a long luxurious bath, complete with candles and salt scrubs
Waiting : or rather, I can’t wait until we are in the new house and then have the scary task of furnishing/decorating it
Wondering : how much it will annoy me to have a laundry and a linen closet on different floors (I think I will most likely just be grateful to have either after spending almost a decade in a house with a horrible laundry and no linen closet)
Loving :the sneak peeks we’ve had so far of Posie and Rupert’s little photo session (Rupert is featuring in a book about rescue dogs)
Pondering : what to grow in my vegetable garden over the next twelve months, seeing as we will be here after all
Listening : to people who are helpful, ignoring people who are not
Considering : possibly taking the dogs to the snow next year
Buying : I don’t know if I blogged since then, but I recently bought two more mermaid tails for the collection
Watching : Masterchef – yes, I got sucked in, yes, I regret it, but what else is there to do in this house when it’s so cold?
Hoping : that my novel will be as good as I hope it will be
Marvelling : at how much more delicious proper Asian instant ramen (with at least 3 sachets) is compared to Australian flavours
Cringing : at last night’s Masterchef episode – judging was all over the place, they broke their own rules, and one contestant’s dish was completely overlooked in the edit
Needing : to book some flights and accommodation for Adelaide next year
Questioning : the whole premise of Grease, especially the flying car bit – what does it all mean?!
Wearing : oh goodness, it’s tragic – it’s that time of year where I pretty much live in lounging clothes with cardigans and scarves on top, plus ugg boots
Noticing : that all my clothes are looser, even if the scale disagrees
Knowing : that I need more champagne-drinking occasions in my life
Thinking : about what sort of writer I want to be, in terms of overall career outlook
Admiring : a lot of Alannah Hill cardigans right now
Bookmarking : tips and tricks about a game called House Flipper – it’s kind of addictive
Disliking : okay, I love it when people give house building advice but ultimately recognize that every decision rests with you, because you are the one who will live there. I do not love it when people load you up with their demands about what they would want, despite the fact that it really has nothing to do with them. I dislike it even more when you calmly state your decision and the reasons why and why it’s not up for discussion, and they actually argue with you, like it’s a fight they have to win. BIG dislike.
Feeling : cold – it’s a hunkering down kind of season, of weather and of life
Hearing : Nathan’s Ren and Stimpy ringtone from the other room, eternally annoying
Celebrating : getting into my masterclass and taking one more step towards publication
Embracing : the fact that the new house is over a year away, but each day is one step closer, and that’s something to feel excited about

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