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It’s a pretty horrific week – if you haven’t been reading the news, you probably should. Or if you’re feeling fragile already, protect yourself and avoid it. It’s unbearably awful and sometimes it feels like the world just gets worse and worse. I know it will all be over at some point in the future, but it just constantly shocks me how so many people can get through life being rewarded at every turn for being the most disgusting, nasty sociopaths imaginable. You would think that being that kind of person would result in being ostracized, denied promotion, shut out of polite society… but no, they are on television, they are making a lot of money, they can even be president.

Anyway. Self-preservation time. Let’s talk about my new house.

It will be really nice when it finally happens.

The things I’m looking forward to the most are little things, but they would make me so happy. Things like having a dining table big enough to have all my family over for dinner, which is something that I’ve never done before. Having enough kitchen space and a working oven so I can make my own pizza dough and sauce from tomatoes that I’ve grown myself. Having an actual linen closet and a bathtub. A garage so that we can store our own Christmas tree. A door coming off the main living area that I can open so the puppies can romp around the backyard while I can keep an eye on them as I cook. A little cupboard under the stairs where our future child can live until they get their Hogwarts letter… 🙂

The house plan that we love has at least double the space of our current house, but because it’s on two levels, we won’t lose any back or front yard which is important to me. There are four bedrooms, but there is also a study that could be converted if necessary. There are three main living areas, which I am really looking forward to. I love the idea of having a nice family room on the ground floor which I will keep presentable and neat all the time, but also an upstairs rumpus-sort of room where we can have our messy or non-aesthetic things, like a puzzle in progress on the coffee table or a treadmill. I love the idea of having different zones for different levels of formality.

One of the best features of our plan is that the master bedroom has two walk in robes. I can’t even begin to describe how much of a fairy tale that will be. I have a lot of clothes… and a possibly unreasonable amount of puffy dresses. Currently, I take up half the wardrobe in our room, and an entire wardrobe in the spare room with all my dresses. I’m imagining myself becoming really judicious and exclusive about which clothes I buy in the new house, because it won’t just be a cupboard where I shove all my clothes anymore… it will be a collection, with its own little room. Maybe I am overthinking this! Or maybe it’s one of the rare times that my inner princess gets to come out.

I am also excited about the chance to finally decorate properly. I want it to be modern, colourful and functional; not too cluttered but with plenty of detail; eclectic and playful, airy but not minimalist. I’m going to overhaul all my pinterest boards in the next year. A lot of the display houses that I’ve looked at online are just so… taupe. I don’t know how to describe it – like, overly adult, or too “I’m so serious”, or something. Lots of greige and taupe and ashy browns and woodgrain. It feels kind of overly masculine and oppressive to me, even though I know I’m in the minority here – everybody seems to be doing it. None of that for us. I want light, bright, cute and cheerful. A house where it feels like it’s sunny every day.

So, twelve months. Why twelve months? We could pull the trigger tomorrow, if we really wanted. But twelve months gives us breathing room and time to plan things properly. We can save more money, firstly, but it also gives us time to research, figure out exactly what things to include in the build, finally find out exactly what infills are and why everybody on forums are paying extra for them. It is likely that we will have to buy a new car in this time period too, so it would be nice to be doing that before our mortgage doubles. We also have a hell of a lot of decluttering and general reducing of our stuff to do – I just know that if we hit ‘go’ right now, we’d just end up shoving all of this junk into boxes for it to be a problem in the new house too.

The other thing is… I have a lot of plants in the garden that were gifts from my dad, from Nathan, from my grandma. I can take cuttings from them at certain times of the year as ‘insurance policies’, in case transplanting them into pots doesn’t work so well. The daphne, for example, needs to be propagated at Christmas time. By taking a year, it means I will have the best chance of making sure that everything in my garden can be saved.

So, lots to do, lots to think about. It’s going to be a hard twelve months. This house really is crumbling around us – the ceiling in the living room is caving in and sprinkles dust on us when the wind blows, the shower is currently a big hole in the floor, the bedroom windows leak, and the dogs can’t even have their beds on the floor because it’s so drafty. It’s not ideal, and it’s going to be extremely hard trying to write a novel here. But we’ll survive, and eventually, thrive. Eyes on the prize, waiting for the second marshmallow, all of that.

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