The wisteria is coming in the house again. There are a couple of long tendrils that have snaked their way inside through gaps in the sliding window, and they have sprouted leaves in the living room. Adult me should have cut it back, but child me wanted to see how big it would grow… which was a mistake. The window has cracked, badly, in one corner. I don’t know if it’s directly related to the wisteria, because there was a hairline crack for a year or more before this all started. But maybe it exacerbated the situation. I don’t want to mess around with the wisteria too much, because it’s currently housing a nest with eggs right outside the window.

The garden is alive and dead all at once. I neglected my roses this year and they are gearing up for a second bloom, but I doubt it will be much to write home about. Around the back, things are getting bigger all the time. We planted tomatoes and cucumbers late, and despite lots of promising growth in progress, we haven’t had anything to harvest yet (though a single cucumber is going to be part of dinner tonight). I am dying to make big jars of pickles to eat all year long. Nathan’s little chili empire is going amazingly well though – I counted sixteen flowers on one plant, and we have a bunch of cayennes almost ready to pick.

There haven’t been nearly enough beach days this summer. The weather has been so mild that it feels like spring most of the time.

I have been cooking up a storm and everything I make is “the best thing ever”, only to be knocked off its throne with the next dish that is even better. I got a special new chefs knife for Christmas and we also got a multicooker, and it has been a revelation to spend so much less time in the kitchen for so much greater reward. These are my favourites so far – Greek pork, Korean beef, coconut tandoori chicken (the only amendment I would add is that everything needs more garlic than written, but this is pretty much a mantra for life in general).

Nathan is back at work, so I’m back to work too, and the puppies and kittens are also hard at work at being adorable all day. Things are getting better there – I will breathe the biggest sigh of relief when we get to the point where everybody is not so excited by each other anymore, and we can all be in the same room at the same time and just relax. It’s a long road.

We were sick last week and over the weekend, which gave me a bad case of cabin fever and made me pretty grouchy. We are making up for it now though – we went to the movies last night, and tonight we’re going to the beach. I heard there is a carnival in town but can’t find any details about it online… we might just have to take a drive down the coast and try out luck. It’s going to be hot all week, so any night would be ideal.

Aside from all of that, these long days really are the best days. There is so much energy and possibility in a day when the sun doesn’t go down until nine o’clock. Now, if we could just get some longĀ hotĀ days happening, then it would really feel like summer.


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