Did you know that at 8:58am this morning (GMT+11) it was the equinox? Which means that for that if the earth continued at that exact tilt, day and night would be of equal length. It means that until winter solstice, days will just get shorter and shorter. It’s also a supermoon tonight. This one is called the Worm Moon for a reason that doesn’t mean a lot for Australia – apparently it’s around the time in the northern hemisphere when the ground would start thawing and earthworms would begin coming to the surface. These two things coinciding feels a bit… prophetic. I wonder if Nostradamus had anything to say about this. Apparently it won’t happen again until 2144. It’s always an odd kind of feeling, experiencing something and realizing that you will never – can never – possibly experience it again in your lifetime.

Apparently the word equinox actually has nothing to do with horses, as I initially suspected, but is derived from the Latin aequus and nox, which mean equal and night, respectively. Now you know. And I have yet another bit of impractical trivia to add to the collection.

A few things are happening:

Posie is being adorable (see evidence). Actually, all the animals are. Clover has taken to sleeping cuddled up to me every night, and Plato is shockingly confident about his place in the household, based on how often he will just sleep in the middle of thoroughfares like he owns the place, knowing that nobody is going to step on him. We are having some challenging times though with Rupert, on a few fronts – dementia, pneumonia and some new continence problems. We are hoping that it’s just a result of him coughing too hard, but researching belly bands all the same. All part of loving an old dog, I guess (it’s still so worth it).

Our washing machine broke weeks ago, and the particular spaceship-of-a-unit that we chose can’t get delivered until next week. Not having a working machine and having to take everything to the laundromat has been kind of shocking, in that I now realize what a huge amount of laundry our household generates. Delivery and install day can’t come fast enough. If only for getting to test it out for the first time – apparently it sings a little song when it’s done (how sad that that is so exciting?).

I got my ears pierced. It’s all pain and bruising and leaking now, but I will feel like such a grown up when I can finally change out these starter studs and actually accessorize earrings with my outfit. I spent years psyching myself up for it, and it ultimately wasn’t that bad – they say it just feels like a pinch, and it was true. I went to a proper piercer who used a needle rather than a gun (I read that guns basically force a blunt object through your ear, and thus create more trauma than a sharp cannula needle), so maybe that helped.

The summer kitchen garden has well and truly run its race. The chilies are still going strong, my eggplants still have a bunch of flowers on them, but the cucumbers and tomatoes are totally done. I didn’t have the best growing season overall, and I’m not sure why… but I’m leaning towards needing to enrich the soil a bit more next time, perhaps. I am still very much a beginner gardener. For this next while, I’m going to try to diversify so I don’t end up with a glut of something I will easily get sick of. I want to grow spring onions, garlic, kale, fennel, broccoli, broad beans, parsley, radishes and cabbage for sauerkraut.

Last of all, I am absolutely convinced that Duchess Kate is going to have another baby soon. I mean, look at this:


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  1. N
    March 22, 2019 / 12:41 pm

    I love this picture of Posie – she looks like a model dog!

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