Hot Tips from a Bored Housewife

These are all the things I’m evangelical about that reveal how pedestrian I am these days*.

  • Our new washing machine. It’s already a revelation. It has a big capacity front loading drum, big enough for sizeable loads of clothes but also things like king sized blankets and duvets. But it also has this tiny but nifty top loader drawer at the bottom that has a cold water hand wash feature for delicates and activewear. Things that you might accumulate every day but wouldn’t be enough for a big load – very handy so far.
  • Pinch of Yum should probably put me on the payroll at this point, because I push their recipes on everybody at all times. Latest triumphs include these salmon burgers with slaw and these sesame chicken noodle bowls. Both were totally delicious (I used soba noodles for the second recipe).
  • Laying in bed, pinned down on both sides by sleeping kittens. If you plan on adopting a kitten, I really recommend a sibling pair. They only get up to 1.5x the mischief, but they keep each other company for about 90% of the day, which takes pressure off me.
  • It always becomes apparent at this time of year, how superior line drying is to using the tumble dryer. I can’t believe it’s considered quaint, twee and affected to use a clothesline in America. There is nothing better than crisp cotton still warm from the sun, or the magical stain removing properties of sunshine. Seriously. If you ever have a tomato sauce stain that didn’t come out in the wash, the sun will fix it up.
  • I’ve been using a retinoid from The Ordinary at night, and it helps a lot. I was fretting about some fine lines and general sallowness earlier in the year, and that is a thing of the past now. They have a bunch of different formulations and strengths, so of course, do some research on what would work best for you.
  • Not watching Married at First Sight.
  • A bubble tea shop finally opened up in my town, and I’m smitten. Bubble tea is one of my favourite things in the world, and it is taking all my willpower to not go there every single day. Instead, I’m dangling it in front of myself as a weekly reward if I can stick to eating relatively cleanly the rest of the time.
  • My sister told me about the Monty Hall problem. I guessed wrong. And honestly, I still don’t get it from a mathematical standpoint. Like, I logically understand that what I’m being told is correct, but it contradicts a bunch of other definitely true assertions about what is going on. I have been given a number of explanations and diagrams, but I still don’t get it.
  • Nathan and I started playing a cooperative game tonight called Pacify (it’s on Steam) and we had to stop because I was getting way too scared – Nathan would sneak his character right behind mine and say “oh no, whatever you do, don’t turn around!” and of course I would and I ended up screaming. It is very scary. I only lasted about ten minutes. Perhaps something I will try again in daylight hours.
  • Ages ago, I found this video of my old school campus being torn down, and I wish I could beam all of my memories of that place onto the video so everybody else could see how rich just this little clip is for me. Secretly feeding our lunch scraps to the stray dogs that lived behind the gate. Making tortillas after studying the Aztecs. Climbing to the top of the pagoda in the playground. Dressing up as a sparkly lurex fox for the Christmas concert. The flooding during the plum rains that would fill the grassed area up to the pavement and send leeches climbing up every wall.
  • This – a feature length adaptation of the greatest fanfiction ever written – is a work of genius. Completely worth watching the whole three part thing.

*There’s nothing wrong with being basic. Signed somebody who spent the majority of her life being extra. In all things, balance is important.


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