I’m thirty, and I have two sisters and one brother. I spent part of my childhood in Taiwan, so I can speak a little bit of Chinese. I live about an hour from Melbourne, Australia, in a cream-coloured house surrounded by roses, magnolias and wisteria, with my dashingly nerdy husband Nathan and two rambunctious dogs, Posie and Rupert. I recently finished a Bachelor of Arts in professional/creative writing, literary studies and children’s literature; now, I’m working on an honours thesis about conflict between physical and metaphysical experiences of maternity in confessional poetry. I love: reading, dumplings, summer, wearing dresses, good poetry, flowers, yoga, music, skiing, travelling, taking photos and playing scrabble. I also love playing Age of Empires, eating raw cookie dough, buying plane tickets, and practically anything dog-related.

Thirteen things you now know about me:

  1. I used to run a business creating felt flower wedding bouquets for brides all over the world.
  2. My favourite pizza is topped with prosciutto, prawns and avocado.
  3. We don’t have cable TV because I would just watch TLC non-stop if we did.
  4. My nose has a significant scar on it from a work accident when I was 15.
  5. I am known to talk in my sleep.
  6. Nathan and I got married in September 2017 on our ten year anniversary.
  7. My favourite movie is probably How to Make an American Quilt. 
  8. I am terrified of moths, but butterflies are fine – it’s the way their wings move.
  9. I really like the number thirteen, maybe because it’s my birthday.
  10. I have only really been tanned one time in my life, then never again.
  11. I have depression and a few other things going on, which sometimes make life hard.
  12. I built my first website in 1997, writing the code in Notepad.
  13. I am a terrible insomniac and cannot sleep, at all, without medication.

I started this blog in 2012 after on-and-off blogging since about 2004, mostly as a way to share little snapshots of my life: things that I love, photos, inspirations, and all my random thoughts. It also forces me to write, but without the pressure that comes with academic or literary writing. Thank you for reading!


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