Posie is one of our dogs. She turned 7 in 2016, and is allegedly a Maltese + Pomeranian cross – although we have our suspicions that she might be part miniature poodle. She is feisty, wickedly smart and very vocal – constantly growling/braying as if she is trying to tell us things (and frequently, she is). Unlike Rupert who was adopted, she was bought from a pet shop as a puppy, which is something I feel extremely guilty about. Posie has been an incredible support for me through some tough times, so we have a very close bond.

Everyone in our family loves our dogs, but is secretly either Team Posie or Team Rupert. Posie is a bit highly strung and can have a difficult personality, but she does have her fans – whenever my Dad skypes from India or Singapore or wherever he is, he always asks for me to put her on camera so he can say hello!┬áPosie is incredibly expressive and a bit hyper – the downside of that is that she isn’t very photogenic. But I’ll keep trying – even if I can’t capture a photo of her looking adorable, at least I will have a catalogue of her different moods.






Some of Posie’s Greatest Hits:

My Little Dog
Singing of Yawning?
The Best Photo Ever
Miss Clingy
Dear Miss Munch

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