Rupert is one of our dogs. He was adopted so we don’t know his exact age or lineage, but we think he’s about 11¬†years old and a Corgi + Jack Russell terrier. He’s dreamy and handsome with short little legs, but he’s not very bright (but that’s okay, because it just means that he’s especially prone to hilarity, like running into door frames or accidentally doing somersaults). He has had some major health issues that left him with special needs, and an oddly-shaped head. Nathan thinks this makes him look like a shark.

Everyone in our family loves our dogs, but is secretly either Team Posie or Team Rupert. One of my aunts is Rupert’s all-time biggest fan – in her words, “it’s just his gorgeous little face, he’s such a sugar-pie darling little boy!”. So she pretty much loves him. We even gave her a framed photo of Rupert one Christmas, and she almost cried. It’s now proudly displayed in her house, alongside all her nieces and nephews (he’s THAT important!).





Some of Rupert’s Greatest Hits:

Rupert the Wonder Dog – Part I
Rupert the Wonder Dog – Part II
The Neverending Misadventures of Rupert
Brunch with Rupert
The Best Photo Ever

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