2017 – What a Year!


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I started the year trying to muddle through a TN/nerve pain fog the best I could. We celebrated our ‘engage-iversary’, and the Portarlington Mussel Festival, as always. Nathan had 5 (!) wisdom teeth taken out. We did some wine tasting, which I paid for later (tannins seem to be a trigger for me). Rupert was a total champion and had eyelid surgery for what turned out to be a slow growing cancer.


We celebrated a bunch of family birthdays in Ballarat with the Stapletons. Valentine’s Day was a bit of a washout, but still very sweet. We saw B*witched, which was simultaneously great and awful. And then Patrick broke his leg and fractured his spine, which was fun for nobody.


We squeezed in as many last chance beach days as we could this month, and I tried out my monofin at Eastern Beach. Decima came for a playdate and P+R were adorable little visitors for my brother in hospital. I had a specialist appointment that gave me some bad news, some good news, but generally a lot to think about. And wedding planning started to get real.


Less than a month since we’d been at the beach, it was suddenly sweater weather for the pups. Life was quiet in April, but I was grateful to be TN-free for the first time in months. We went to Supernormal on a scouting mission for wedding plans, and we did our traditional roast pork for Good Friday with my family. We also found out that Rupert has doggy dementia.


Little Miss Munch turned 8! It was also Dad’s birthday, even though I was too dopey and sore to really celebrate because I’d just had my wisdom teeth out. N+P+R were excellent nurses and I consumed my body weight in custard and soup. Jen had a birthday too. It was a big opera month – I saw John Bell’s Carmen with both my parents, and Mum and I saw Król Roger.


I started to freak out about the wedding as it drew closer, while Nathan got some good napping done. I also wrote a big post about TN. Mum and I went on a cake tasting / ramen eating / wedding reconnaissance mission in Melbourne, and I saw MTC’s Macbeth with my sisters – so good. I planted three types of heirloom garlic this month, too.


Things started to slow down again this month – another round of TN began. But I still managed to go to the Van Gogh exhibition with Dad and Jen, and see The Beguiled, which I loved. This month was all about soup, blanket, ugg boots and watching Netflix. Nathan spent some time with his favourite son, of course!


It was crunch time on wedding planning. I went to the Brisbane RWA conference and came down with a particularly nasty strain of the flu which knocked me off my feet for almost a fortnight and made me sicker than I’d been in a year… since the last time I got the flu. But then something wonderful happened – my sister Jen planned a totally magical hen’s afternoon for me, that I was completely not expecting, and suddenly I felt like a bride. Also, Mum turned 60!


I feel like in 2017, we crammed an entire year’s worth of excitement into a single month. We celebrated our ten year anniversary and… got married! It was amazing and was definitely the highlight of the year. Afterwards we honeymooned in Bali, staying in my favourite hotel in Ubud and then a super plush resort in Legian – both were lovely. While we were away, we had our birthday and I hit my thirties (eek). Patrick had a birthday too when we got home.


I feel like we did nothing but try to clean up this month, after the avalanche of wedding related stuff took up residence in our living room. We did go to the Tesselaar Tulip Festival though, and it was gorgeous. We barely celebrated Halloween either – all that wedding business was tiring!


Our little sugar Prince Rupert turned 13 and I was such a bad dogmother that I didn’t even post about it. It was rose time, and my garden put on a gorgeous show – it was probably the best my roses have ever looked. I almost won a trifecta on the Melbourne Cup which would have netted me $350, but was still very happy to have won more than I bet. Dad and I went to see John Bell in MTC’s The Father, which was heartbreakingly good. I also went to see Opera Australia’s The Merry Widow twice with two of our grandmothers, and it was amazing.



The year flew by and December crept up on us. We went back to Supernormal to reminisce – it felt like a lifetime ago, even though it was only three months. Caitlin turned 27! We drank eggnog and watched The Muppets Christmas Carol, and all was well.

All in All

Apart from one big thing, not a lot happened this year. But that’s okay. It’s amazing how much headspace can be devoted to a single day, both before and after. I loved our wedding so much, but I’m infinitely glad that we only have to do it once, and that 2018 is stretched out ahead of us with no more weddings left to plan. TN jerked me around this year, but it was wonderful to have a mostly incident-free year in terms of the dogs’ health. 2017 was mostly about persistence, hard work, patience, organization and playing the long game, even when things were hard. I can’t wait to see what sort of year 2018 is going to be.