It has been a hard week. Apart from one good night, I was averaging 3-4 hours of sleep a night. Then, with the puppies and kittens, it was just bananas. Oh, and Nathan was in Canberra, so it was all on me. A regular daylight hour would look like this:

Sit down to get some writing done.
Get up – somebody has jumped on the dining table; Posie barks.
Sit down.
Get up – the water bowl is empty.
Sit down.
Get up – Posie needs to go outside.
Sit down.
Get up – Posie needs to come back in.
Sit down.
Get up – the kittens have knocked over a lamp; Posie barks.
Sit down.
Get up – the mailman knocked on the front door; both dogs bark.
Sit down.
Get up – the kittens have gotten tangled in the cords behind the TV; Posie barks.
Sit down.
Get up – Rupert needs to go outside.
No, just tricking, he just wants a treat.
The cats heard the treat packet, and now they want a treat too.
Sit down.
Get up – Rupert really does need to go outside this time.
Sit down.
Get up – the kittens are scratching the furniture; Posie barks.
Sit down.
Get up – Rupert needs to come back in.
Sit down.
Get up – Rupert and Clover are fighting; Posie barks.
Go and fetch the crate; set it up; put Rupert inside.
Sit down.
Rupert is upset and whining for my attention; Posie barks.
The phone rings.
The kittens jump and drag their claws down the curtains; Posie barks.
Look at the clock, look at my word count, and despair.
Go insane and jump out the window, running far away, never to return.

There were a few stretches here and there where everybody was asleep and it was heavenly, so I did eventually get some writing done. Which was just as well – I had a deadline this week. I had to submit work for a masterclass I am attending in April, and it was nerve-wracking. I can’t say too much, other than that this class is a golden opportunity. It’s a very big deal. It wasn’t an ideal week to have such a big deadline, but I got there in the end and I’m so proud.

I can’t wait until I can finally share my work, or be able to say “you can buy my book at X”. It will be indescribably sweet.

Oh – it was also Valentine’s Day! I was completely taken by surprise when a lady knocked on my door with flowers and treats (as in, completely taken by surprise – I was in pajamas, looking like I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards). Nathan wasn’t here, but he still made it lovely. And I also did Galentine’s oysters and Pimms with Mum and Caitlin, any excuse.

Schmalentine’s Day

To all the lovers: happy Valentine’s Day! And to everybody else, treat yo self. It’s a rule.

We had romantic plans of a yoga class and dinner, but Nathan had a work commitment and didn’t get home in time. Instead, it was pizza on the couch, watching the worst kind of television while I knitted. So romantic. But I suppose you can’t get to ten years without having a lacklustre Valentine’s Day here and there – at least it was better than last year, when I had food poisoning and Posie had just ruptured a disc. The new plan is to go out for dinner later in the week – there is a French restaurant in town that I have wanted to go to for a million years but never had the chance. And to be mysterious for a second, I probably should get some practice eating French food in the next few months… 🙂

To make up for not being able to go out, Nathan brought me a little gift that he snuck out of work at lunchtime to buy. It was a Harry Potter wand that you can program to change the television channel or volume. Extremely nerdy, but extremely fun. There is a story that goes along with this – when we were in Tokyo, we went to a game arcade. One of the machines had a Fantastical Beasts wand as the prize, and I was desperate to win it. I emptied my coin purse and even got change for notes so I could win this damn wand. The girls who were staffing the venue even unlocked the machine to nudge the wand a bit to give me a better chance of winning, but I still couldn’t get it. I spent more than $20 to get nothing, which is so stupid.

But best of all was the card that I got. The front is stitched felt characters of bacon and eggs, in love. Inside he wrote a lot of things, but the best part said: “loving you makes me so happy”. Loving you makes me so happy too, Bugalugs!